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This is my dog, Casey, a doberman mix. And this is her homepage. And this is her story:

A Dog Out on a Night Like This

The first few years of Casey's life were a bit rough; her family was unable to take care of her, and eventually she got loose from her enclosure and was on her own for a few months, malnourished and coming close to the brink of starvation. This was in my parents' neighborhood; Casey used to play with their German shepherd, Tessie. They couldn't stand seeing a dog neglected, so they set up a little shelter for her on the side porch and began feeding her when they could, so she gained a little bit of weight back.

December of 2002, I arrived home to visit on Christmas Eve. It was such a cold night, we decided for the holiday to bring Casey in, give her a bath, and let her stay with the family for the evening and sleep in the basement. She was a bit confused and bewildered, but after drying off by the fire, she ended up curling up at my side on the couch. That night she slept in the basement, and the night after as well.

But by the third night, she began to cry horribly when I put her downstairs; so she came upstairs to sleep in my room instead. And by the end of the week, it was decided. We took her to the vet to make sure she was alright (and other than extreme malnourishment, she seemed fine); got permission from her former owner and from my apartment manager in Florida; and thanks to some hefty karma, found an incredibly cheap one-way car rental to drive her home on New Year's Eve.

Florida Sunshine, California Dreamin'

Once home, we set up her "room" (her own little kennel that is her space), her food and water dishes, and her toybox. The first night back, a bunch of my local friends came over to greet her; she gets along well with just about everybody -- she's very comfortable with people for having had such a rocky start in life. Over the next few months she gradually gained her weight back, untill she was just right for her size and age.

Since then, we've relocted to a few times, but now we're back in the Orlando area. We go on walks around the neighborhood, enjoying the trees and the warmth and saying hello to neighbors along the way. Around the house, she likes to chew on her rawhides, play with her toys -- her hedgehog, her lioness, and her carrot being her favorites -- or just curl up at my side as I work on projects or watch a movie with her. Overall, she's doing fine!

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