Welcome to the dark, dank hallways of the Archives. Here you will find some of my older material, which I have dug out, dusted off, scanned in, and carefully restored, so you can take a peek at my earlier work.

This is generally a sampling of work done in school and early in my career that doesn't relate to Buffalo Wings. (The recently published Buffalo Wings Reunion contains more than enough old art.) The archive starts with a few portions of comic strips published in my high school newspaper, the Freedom Forum, in the mid 1980s. Next comes several cover projects and assignements I worked on in college -- both illustrations I did in my advanced Graphic Arts and Advertising Design classes, and a project I did with the Moravian College Wind Ensemble. Then there are a few drawings I did after college, early in my career working at a business magazine and then as a caricature artist at SeaWorld of Orlando, where I met my friend Seamore the Sea Lion. Finally, there is a more focused sampling of Greyhound(s), the characters and comic strip I published in the Moravian College newspaper, The Comenian.

Please keep in mind that this work is old. If you know any artists, you know that we usually hate dragging out any artwork that is more than three months old. I decided to share these samples, though, if for no other reason to show I have, in fact, been improving.

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